Got questions? We have answers.

Got questions? We have answers.

What is a licensed agency?

As per the Dept. of Health, “Licensed Home Care Services Agencies (LHCSAs) offer home care services to clients who pay privately or have private insurance coverage. These agencies may also contract to provide services to Medicare/Medicaid beneficiaries whose cases are managed by another provider or entity, such as providing home health aide services to a certified home health agency patient or providing a licensed practical nurse for a Medicaid prior-approved private duty nursing shift. The NYS Department of Health is responsible for monitoring the care provided by licensed care services agencies.

Who hires the caregivers?

The caregivers are employees of Elder Care Staffing Solutions.

Are the caregivers covered by Worker’s Compensation, in case they get injured on the job?


Who is responsible for deducting State, Federal, Local and Social Security taxes from the caregivers’ wages?

ECSS is responsible because we are the employer.

Does the agency perform criminal background checks on the caregivers prior to hiring?


Does the agency send someone out to the house to meet us and develop a plan of care?

Yes, ECSS will send a Registered Nurse out to meet with the family and develop a plan of care.

Who has supervision of the caregiver?

Elder Care Staffing Solutions has supervision of the caregiver.

If we are dissatisfied with our caregiver, may we request a replacement?

Yes, we can do our best to provide you with someone that you feel is the best fit for your loved one.

Does the agency provide backup for when the caregiver needs time off?


Are the caregivers bonded (insured against theft).

ECSS as an agency is bonded and since the caregivers are employed by us, you are covered.

How long will it take for services to begin?

This will vary case by case. ECSS tries to have service begin as soon as you need it.

Will I have the same caregiver 24/7?


Are there any other fees, deposits, or any extra costs besides those charged for service?

No, we are completely transparent to our clients when we discuss pricing.

My loved one has Dementia; can the aide administer medication?

No, your loved one has to be able to identify the medication he/she is taking.