Dementia Care

Dementia and Alzheimer’s not only affects the person with the disease but also their loved ones.  Caring for a loved one with this disease presents a unique set of challenges. The caregivers at ECSS understand the disease and approach it with patience, understanding and acceptance. There are different stages of Dementia with no indication as to when the stages will advance. Your loved one can have stage one Dementia today then suddenly advance to stage three or four. Our staff believe that introducing dementia care early is always the best way. Seniors with Dementia rely heavily on routine, consistency and familiarity.  Introducing a caregiver early gives your loved one the ability to form a relationship with their caregiver. As your loved one’s disease progresses he/she will already be familiar with the routine and caregiver allowing for a less stressful progression. Since ECSS knows that Dementia and Alzheimer’s affects everyone, we are here to offer support and assistance to family members as well.